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COACHING and MENTORING for those who desire to live and contribute from a place of Truth, Alignment, and to step into the New Paradigm Leadership with confidence.

Seekers, Visionaries, Paradigm Shifters and New earth shapers 

You are now being called.

Called to Serve
Called to Heal
Called to Unite

There is a sacred role; a divine arrangement just for you, on the cosmic stage of New Earth realisation.

Your greatest act of service; your most harmonious contribution; your highest gift to Mother Earth and all her beings…

Is the birth of your soul work

We each arrived here to serve and to create.
You possess sacred purpose within.

If we truly wish to serve the evolution of consciousness, of humanity; if we truly desire to evoke transformation on a planetary level, we must align with the sacred, divine vision that exists within the depths of our being.

“  To realize ones destiny is a persons only real obligation and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,  ”


– Paulo Coelho

Calling on the modalities of depth coaching, archetypal maps and big picture strategy, Kahina guides seekers and visionaries beyond their social identities.

It is a journey of self-exploration into your deepest core.

One of alchemy, transformation and rebirth. 


It is a journey through the inner realms, shining light on the unconscious patterns hindering your journey so that your vision may realise its true alignment and full potential.

for The Purpose Seeker

A journey for the soul who is ready to discover who they really are and what they were born to do

For the Conscious Entrepreneur

A journey for the visionary entrepreneur who has or desires a conscious business or non-profit container to honour their purpose

To align with our purpose, birth our soul work and shift collective consciousness, we must turn inwards. 

We must dedicate ourselves to stripping back the layers
and unearthing the blockages,
so that we may know the fullest expression of our higher selves

and serve through our most meaningful expression.

Meet Kahina

“Leap, and the net will appear,”

– The Artist’s Way

The meanings of our lives, the uniqueness of our journeys and the greater significance of our experiences and challenges – these are the inspirations of my life and work.

This journey of embodiment, expression and alignment is the catalytic stepping stone to birthing the truth of our soul visions and rising as the Soul Based Leaders of the New Earth paradigm.

Collective Experiences

The power of unity

Sharing space to learn and evolve together through womxn’s circles, retreats and more.

loving words

“I connected to more abundance and opened my wings to spread my medicine all over the world”


I highly recommend to all the heart centered leaders to work with Kahina. She is such a blessing in my professional and personal life as my business consultant and coach! Without her, I would still send some smog to invite people to know my work. She had a way to make me understand and accept marketing can be authentic and healthy. Thanks to her, I connected to more abundance and opened my wings to spread my medicine all over the world. Thank you sister

Sophie Hardy
Shamanic Practitioner, Costa Rica

“Help you arrive at the answer from within”

  Kahina’s sincerity and nurturing energy emanates whether you are blessed to be in her physical presence or via web. She has an uncanny ability to hear what’s not being said and help you arrive at the answer from within.

Sarah King

Entrepreneur, USA



Kahina’s coaching was transformational. I really worked through some difficult emotions and as a business owner it is difficult to find the time to unwind. I had this breakthrough session with her where I recognised that I wanted to move back to London and pursue a career as an online therapist/coach. Kahina is a fantastic listener and business coach. She is present, warm and encouraging so much so with a month of her coaching I am making my way to the UK to explore opportunities and start a new chapter of my life. Thank you Kahina for your continued support.


Sharisse Hosein
Holistic Psychologist, England

If we wish to truly serve the world through our soul work, we must connect deeply with ourselves and uncover the lessons, messages and power that reside within the mystical wisdom of our own journeys.


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