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Are you a conscious entrepreneur, a visionary spirit who has already begun to connect with your soul work?


Do you feel its expansion, its potential, but need the clarity and confidence to move deeper into your purpose and impact?

Are you a purpose seeker who has a yearning for a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment?


Do you desire to know your truth, to contribute positively to a new world and do the work your soul came here to do?

You are in the right place, sweet soul.

The solopreneur journey, the path of conscious leadership, in its highest essence, is a journey of fulfillment, meaning and humility.

But, as we commit ourselves to collective healing and service, we are faced with the emotional undercurrent this external experience can bring to the surface.

Birthing your soul work, at times, can be a journey of complete overwhelm, fear, self doubt and self criticism.

Leading the world into an awakened paradigm – healing the planet, shifting culture, helping humanity to transition and evolve – these are monumental tasks. Not only are we assisting this global transformation, we are serving and guiding others while also holding space for our own personal growth.

As seekers and visionaries, we must unite, lean on each other and ask for support when needed. Only through community and cultivating deep connection within ourselves, can we retrieve our inner resources and evoke the confidence, power and authenticity our soul work is calling us to embody.

You are an alchemist, sweet one! You possess the innate ability to transform, transmute and integrate every part of your being so that you may know your full expression and the totality of your purpose.

This process of healing and alignment is the most powerful gift you can give to yourself, to your loved ones and to those whom you serve.

If you are ready to commit to the inner work, if you are ready to dive deep, shine light on the unconscious and realign your inner world to birth the work of your soul, please read on. You are not alone.

For The Conscious Entrepreneur

A journey for the visionary entrepreneur who has or desires a conscious business or non-profit container to honour their purpose

For the Purpose Seeker

A journey for the soul who is ready to discover who they truly are and what they were born to do

loving words

"My personal and professional life have both been really positively impacted"


My coaching sessions with Kahina totally exceeded my expectations.
She has a very natural and seamless way about her to find out exactly what areas of your life need more attention and focus.  By her asking me loving & insightful questions we were able to establish a new way of behaving & living for me that is more in alignment with my desires, hopes and dreams.

Kahina’s coaching style is incredibly supportive and nurturing and leaves you feeling empowered as she helps you find the answers you have been seeking quickly & efficiently.  Her recaps and follow up notes are invaluable also as they are fantastic reminders and prompters with regards to what you both agreed to achieve in the session, over the following weeks and months.

Chrissi Long  
Natural Birth Coach, Costa Rica

“A boost of confidence and peace”


Every coaching session with Kahina is a boost of confidence and peace. Her careful ear combined with her positive look at life are contagious. She brings lightness and distance on situations that enables me to find my way forward on my journey.

Christophe Becquart 
Leadership Coach, Belgium

“Helped me make huge steps forward in my personal and professional life”


I was lucky to receive coaching from Kahina over the last 6 months and she is phenomenal. She has a refreshing and calming presence that allowed me to open up immediately. She holds a safe space in a non-judgemental environment that really helped me get out of my own way and make some big discoveries. Her spiritual nature is infectious and that combined with her consulting background really helped me make huge steps forward in my personal and professional life. I am truly grateful and highly recommend her!


Kaili Barbe
Fitness & Life Coach, Canada

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