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your hero’s journey

You have reached a point in your life where you are yearning to discover who you truly are and what you were really put here to do on Earth.

You are craving purpose, and you have an impulse to birth the truest expression of yourself. 

You want to meaningfully contribute to the world from a place of pure authenticity. And you are willing to dive deep to find that inner treasure of your soul’s calling.

But despite your desire for clarity, you feel confused: you don’t know where to begin or how to get from where you are to where you want to be.



I know how it feels to have an external reality of success yet feel empty on the inside.

And to feel alienated and guilty about it. And to have no one to talk about it.

And to feel like no amount of distraction, new relationship nor job would make it any better.

Not this time. Not anymore. 

I was once wearing a million different masks – one for my work life, one for my family, one for my friends. 

It was exhausting.

But I discovered a sacred treasure map to uncovering my soul’s true purpose. Turns out, it wasn’t an external journey at all. Rather, it was an inside job.

I unpacked all the layers inside of myself that were keeping me from knowing – and living – my truth.

I received the help of guides and mentors along the way to keep going deeper and deeper.

Now, I experience the power and freedom of showing up as my authentic self in every area of my life without worrying about others’ judgment or validation.

And my work is an expression of that, which is why I created this program.

My biggest joy and passion is to share this map with you so you can take your own sacred adventure.



A 10-month guided soul quest to discover your true self for the purpose, alignment, meaning, and authenticity you seek 

This program combines everything I used to navigate my own soul quest into an epic guided journey with me that allows you to see yourself as the hero of your story and find the hidden treasure of your Divine Purpose.

Together, we will connect the dots so you can understand what it is you’re here to do and the path of your highest calling.

You will finish with the sheer flow state that happens when you awaken the full spectrum of your untapped gifts to help and heal yourself and the world around you.

The Hero’s Journey Treasure Map:

The program is intentionally delivered in three transformational phases for maximum success on your soul quest.

  • 1-Preparation: Before we officially start any journey, we need to understand where we are and where we are coming from. Here, we will identify and transmute shadow aspects from the past that have been holding back your present: fear, rejection, abandonment, isolation, mistrust, and unworthiness. This will allow you to clear what’s been blocking you so that you can move forward powerfully and with confidence.
  •  2-Exploration: As we officially cross the threshold to embark on your journey, we will dig deep to strip away your conditioned identity and reveal your true essence. You will discover your inner gifts and the meaning of your life. And you will find the holy grail of your soul purpose.
  •  3-The Return: Once you have found your inner treasure, it’s time to share your gifts with the world. In this phase, I will help you take the steps to put your purpose into action and make your vision real, so you can have the joy, freedom, authenticity, and meaning you were born to have, while making the world a better place.

What’s Included in Our Sacred Container

  • A free connection call with me to ensure our alignment before we begin the journey together
  • A scientifically validated Archetypal assessment of your inner strengths and blind spots (detailed report included), so you can see what has been hidden and find the treasure you hold within
  • A 75 to 90 min Life Alchemy Coaching & Mentoring Session with me every two weeks to navigate your life story through the lens of universal, archetypal maps and understand your soul journey (20 sessions total).
  • All the Hero’s journey Archetypes worksheets (18 total)  allowing you to dive deeper and learn about this powerful soul map 
  • Deep Soul Inquiry Questions to explore in between sessions allowing you to integrate the journey and make it real in your life
  • Email access for continued support in between sessions so you never feel lost on your journey


How will it feel in ten months when you have conquered your fears, gained clarity about your purpose, and put it into action? When you see yourself as the hero of your journey – victorious and proud of the depths you navigated to uncover the treasure of your soul quest.

But here’s one thing I know from my own experience: it is challenging to do this solo.

When we try to go it alone (as we have our whole lives), we inevitably lose faith in the journey and backslide, full of doubt, going round in circles.

The fact that you are facing obstacles is part of the journey and already written on the map.

These obstacles actually tell us you are getting closer to your treasure.

I am here to help you navigate through them so you can stay on track instead of feeling like something is wrong.

It is my honour for me to help you break this spin cycle and to guide you every step of the way forward.

Your hero’s journey begins with one single step:

We can only heal outwardly, what we heal internally.

What we transform within ourselves, we transform within the world.

Seeking Sisterhood and Community?

loving words

“Take the time to go deep”


Kahina’s coaching is incredible. She listens at a deep level and truly connects with each person where they’re at. Whether you are wanting to reconnect to yourself, uncover obstacles that are keeping you from success, or recharge your life and your work, Kahina will take the time to go deep and identify the core issues that need to be addressed. Her ability to help you connect to your spiritual self and remember your values is profound. I highly recommend her coaching if you are needing an internal breakthrough in life.

Brittany Barden
United States

“A powerful space to explore your inner thoughts and truly evolve”


Kahina has the natural ability as a Coach to provide a safe, encouraging and empathetic space. She has this absolute magical way of uplifting and reassuring her clients during a coaching engagement and always brings a fresh, positive perspective to every situation. If you are looking for a powerful space to explore your inner thoughts and truly evolve, Kahina is the Coach for you!

Sonia Bhandari



Kahina’s coaching was transformational. I really worked through some difficult emotions and as a business owner it is difficult to find the time to unwind. I had this breakthrough session with her where I recognised that I wanted to move back to London and pursue a career as an online therapist/coach. Kahina is a fantastic listener and business coach. She is present, warm and encouraging so much so with a month of her coaching I am making my way to the UK to explore opportunities and start a new chapter of my life. Thank you Kahina for your continued support.


Sharisse Hosein

“A deeper understanding of myself and my path”


I had several opportunities to be coached by Kahina and each one led me to a deeper understanding of myself and my path. She asked the deep and sometimes difficult questions without judgement, and created a safe space for me to be vulnerable with her and myself as I discovered my core values. I love how she embraces the spiritual side of herself and her clients, in whatever form that takes, and is able to work that seamlessly into the overall coaching process. I am so thankful for the work we did together and thoroughly recommend her as a coach!


Lindy Cox
United States

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