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There is power when we unite as a collective.

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The divine magic of womxn sitting in circle; the heart felt connection of sacred ceremony; the collective, pulsating rhythm of beating drums; the synchronised flow of yogic breath and movement….

Energy is transcendental, awakening and almost palpable when we hold intention together as a collective. When we walk our journey surrounded by other like-minded souls who share our vision for humanity, we increase both our personal and collective effort towards our mission. 

These collective experiences enable us to learn from one another, to grow, to become inspired by all the beautiful beings contributing their energy and intention into the space we hold together as one. 

Through sharing these collective experiences, we are able to bring a sense of physical, human connection into the invisible thread of Soul Based Leaders creating waves of change throughout the world.

Collective Experiences

Awakening the Heroine Within

A sacred space for soul based leaders to gather, experience magic, cultivate our sacred feminine qualities and explore our personal and collective mythology.


Imagine coming together, as like minded souls, immersed in the ancient wisdom of the  rainforest in the heart of Costa Rica.



A 10-month guided soul quest to discover your true self for the purpose, alignment, meaning and authenticity you seek.

Soul Based Leaders Community 

A free, online space to gather, connect, receive support and amplify our learning. This is a group centered around conscious, feminine leadership and is useful to anyone wanting to further their experience on this path.

If you desire to connect with other womxn, contribute to the collective effort in New Earth realisation, to inspire and be inspired and to share healing with one another, this space is for you! I look forward to connecting with you inside.

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