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Awakening the Heroine Within

A womxns circle

A sacred space for soul based leaders to gather, experience magic, cultivate our sacred feminine qualities and explore our personal and collective mythology. 

We can use this new found wisdom to move forward in our lives and become more aligned agents of change in service to the Earth. To allow yourself to be seen, heard and supported in a loving environment is incredibly important to both our personal evolution and roles as conscious leaders.

The sacred union of the feminine and masculine will be the guiding themes for this container.

For us to ignite the full expression of our impact and creativity, we must become aware of the wounded masculine and feminine energies within and work in harmony with these forces. These imbalances may manifest as the inner critic, being too hard on ourselves, confusing our self worth with “doing” and struggling to bring creative ideas to life.

When we commit to this transformational process on a personal level, this change ripples out and becomes the external reality of existence. This work holds immense value in co-creating the New Earth paradigm.

Expressed through a mythic quest, The Heroine’s Journey is one of healing the wounded feminine on a personal, spiritual and cultural level in order for us to realise the joy and potential of our own wholeness..

What to expect :

  • A journey of insights and sisterhood support
  • We will open and close the sacred space with a guided meditation 
  • A hall of mirrors – learning and reflecting from the wisdom and experience of each individual in the group 
  • A private FB group to stay connected and feel supported as we go through each phase
  • The opportunity to share your experiences through video or writing
  • Teachings on the Heroine archetype and Deep Soul Inquiry Questions to explore yourself more deeply


If you feel called to be a part of the heroine sisterhood, I ask that you please consider the journey as a sacred one and understand the importance your presence has on the group container. Portals such as this one have the capacity to amplify our energies and intentions immensely. When you do this for yourself, you are also doing this for the other womxn and sisters joining you on the inner journey. 

“When you make a solid commitment to restructure the spiritual vitality in yourself, there is no end to the healing that you can experience in all areas of your life,”

– Sereda Aleta Dailey

If for some reason the pace of this journey is too much for you to take on at this time, you can also take this journey privately with me. Please contact me for further details on this.


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