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The meanings of our lives, the uniqueness of our journeys and the greater significance of our experiences and challenges – these are the inspirations of my life and work.

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“Dios mio! Dios mio!”

The man behind me frantically cried, his horror palpable as our Pervuian flight turbulently descended too fast, too steep. As my heart beat wildly and the mountains drew closer, I slowly realised I was coming face to face with my own, imminent death. 

I thought it was my last day on Earth.

In that moment, I became acutely aware of the slow burning death of my soul; that the way I had lived my life – trying to please people, living within their expectations, accepting conditioned ideas of security and belonging – all suddenly felt meaningless. How had I been living a life that didn’t serve a purpose, that didn’t serve my highest truth? I felt a deep desire to honour the call of my heart and break free from the constraints that were extinguishing the totality of my essence.

We landed safely, but there was no turning back. This experience had begun pulling my entire being into alignment. My external reality had to reflect how I felt on the inside – no more lying to myself, no more pretending. I had to embrace who I truly was and the depth of what I stood for. The future was unclear and I had no map to guide me, yet I took a leap of faith and trusted that following my heart would guide me to the right place.

I remember what it’s like to crave your comfort zone; to hide, to not feel worthy of more.

I remember what it’s like to be “successful” and “thriving”; yet feel fatigued, empty and exhausted within.

I remember how it feels like to live from a space of the wounded masculine, thinking whatever we do is never enough.

However, the journey of life can be our most insightful teacher, if we truly begin to listen.


The messages and lessons that reside within our own stories are our greatest source of wisdom. They are imbued with the power to transform, guide and align.

I know this, because Soul Based Leaders was conceived from this wisdom. 

After facing the imminent fear of death and in the peak of my unhappiness, I let everything fall away – the corporate job, the thrilling social life, my friends and family…all of it. 

Although full of confusion and overwhelm, answering this call was the powerful catalyst for what was to come.

It was the reclamation of my sovereignty, the undertaking of inspired action. It was the embracing of my intuition and the remembering of my truest self.

I was thrust into a profound inner and outer journey, one that aligned my life with my true purpose and attracted the magic of my soul tribe – the healers, the witches, the change makers and the conscious leaders

Trust me when I say, I know how overwhelming this call can feel.

But this call of the soul is the beckoning of your transformation.

We are all being asked to step up, to play our part and contribute towards shifting paradigms. 

We get to do this by honoring our purpose and serving through our bliss.

Soul Based Leaders was birthed from this call within, from this sense of urgency for the planet we call home. 

It is a melting, molding and commingling of my training and experience as a life coach, energy healer and years of work as a business director and consultant.

A union of masculine and feminine, action and being, higher realms and the physical plane.

It is a powerful combination of the maps, techniques and tools I have gathered through my journeys, ones I wish were available to me during my rise as a conscious leader. 

The emotional and spiritual blocks that we carry within inhibit us from truly stepping into our purpose and living our truth. I have witnessed these within myself and those that I have worked with. 

This is a deep truth that my own journey had reflected back to me and I knew my act of service was guiding awakened souls through the navigation of these blockages.

By overcoming our fears and limitations, we experience the true liberation and self-empowerment necessary to shift paradigms and awaken the New Earth.

It is my deepest desire to humbly play my part as a catalyst for collective alignment, for the rise of the Divine Feminine and the awakening of the New Earth.

Only when we realise the transcendental nature of our own alignment and the importance of our own journey, only when we learn to love and integrate all parts of ourselves – light and shadow, feminine and masculine – can we truly honor our soul-purpose, step into our power and embrace the fullness of our calling.

I am here to guide you.

Kahina xx


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