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The meanings of our lives, the uniqueness of our journeys and the greater significance of our experiences and challenges – these are the inspirations of my life and work.

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It’s Monday 7:30 am, the sky is clouded, so is my mind as I am driving my zombie Self in the comfy company car to the tower building where my office is. I am dreading the upcoming busy week of work, and in about half an hour, I will have to wear my “director of sales mask”. Tears are starting to run down my cheeks, I am feeling empty, anxious, confused.

The beltway is crowded as usual which makes most Parisians grumpy, but I am usually fine with it because it gives me time to daydream, listen to music and even sing when I am in the mood.

Well, today, the daydream is a nightmare. Since I came back from this trip from the sacred valley of Peru and saw my life flash before my eyes, my vision of the world is different. I really thought I was going to die in a plane crash over the Andes mountain. 

The most frustrating part is that it was on my arrival to Cuzco, where I was going to do volunteer work during my paid holiday time.

“If I would die on my way back, at least I would have done something meaningful before leaving the earth plane”, I thought to myself.




Yes, I was a successful executive in an international company, I was traveling a lot, I had an exciting social life, but I came to realize what I was really craving was a sense of purpose.

But now what? I couldn’t just leave behind my financial security and everything that brought me comfort to just travel and do consulting work for free in the jungle with indigenous communities. 

That’s what my inner voice was telling me to prevent me from doing something “crazy”.

The voice of the reason did keep me there for a few more months, a painful and torturing period for me that was bringing me more tears, confusion, and sleepless nights.

I eventually resigned and 3 months later, I was watching a snake fall over the wooden roof of the ecolodge I was volunteering with in the jungle of Mexico.

I had taken the leap of faith to carve a new path for this second part of my life.




I shifted my work to help holistic practitioners and other conscious entrepreneurs with their strategy and marketing because I thought we needed more of them out there to move into the new earth paradigm. 

In the middle of this, I was observing we were all sharing similar patterns that were creating a lot of resistance, blocking the way forward.

I also was happy to work behind the scenes, not showing up publicly very often myself, which led me to question my own coherence and authenticity.

I had a life coaching certification, but I was not really putting this forward.

That’s when I had to shift as well. We could talk about marketing all day and night long, we would keep on sabotaging our growth until we addressed the deeper stuff. 

The common thread was the fear of rejection, judgment, failure, the unconscious memories of the witch hunt, the guilt as a woman to prioritize work and not being a good enough mother and wife, the perfectionism, imposter’s syndrome, lack of boundaries just to name a few. 

So I started focusing on soul growth through the lens of spiritual mentoring, looking at the archetypes and myths that shape our lives. 

I was fortunate to learn with a high-impact mentor who took everything that I learned to a deeper level.

As I guided my clients through this deeper approach, big shifts started to happen for them as they were having profound realizations just as I did when I first walked this path.

When we look at our soul journey simultaneously through the lens of universal maps, and our personal mythology, the repeating patterns and stories of our lives start to make sense as they become conscious.

This approach works because starting with a scientifically validated assessment, we get the anatomy of the psyche before embarking on the journey.



I only work with purpose-driven seekers and conscious leaders because I deeply care about the awakening of consciousness on the planet.

I believe we each have one piece of the New Earth puzzle and I hold this intention to keep attracting people who are ready to take this journey.

I am not the kind of mentor who pretends to have figured it all out because that sounds like spiritual bullshit to me.

I value authenticity and honesty ; that means I walk the talk and I am on this circular journey just as everyone else. 

We are all on this path together, and I am honored to give you the maps I have been using to navigate the initiations and major life transitions that we all go through as spirits having a human experience.


After having spent 10 years in management positions in the corporate world and private consulting, I founded Soul Based Leaders where I now serve as a mentor to spiritual seekers and conscious leaders.

I received my Master’s in Business Management in France and my coaching and mentoring certifications in the USA.

I deeply care about the future of our planet, and I believe the new paradigm shift will happen along with the collective awakening of consciousness through embodied spiritual wisdom.

I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation to stay connected to myself to keep my hyperactive side from distracting me into dozens of different projects.  

Much of my free time is spent enjoying the abundant nature wildlife in Costa Rica with my husband and baby boy, connecting with my friends and family at the other side of the planet, and cuddling my tiger cat Mono whenever he decides to lay on my keyboard.

If you feel called to take the leap, I would be honored to be your guide on this journey.

I invite you to connect and talk to see if we are a good fit.

By overcoming our fears and limitations, we experience the true liberation and self-empowerment necessary to shift paradigms and awaken the New Earth.

Only when we realise the transcendental nature of our own alignment and the importance of our own journey, only when we learn to love and integrate all parts of ourselves – light and shadow, feminine and masculine – can we truly honor our soul-purpose, step into our power and embrace the fullness of our calling.

I am here to guide you.

Kahina xx

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