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You are a SEEKER !

Also known as Explorer, Wanderer, Pioneer.

You know the Seeker is calling when you feel alienated, dissatisfied, empty or when you sense a new opportunity knocking and want things to be better than they are.

As a Seeker, you are wonderfully adventurous, independent, curious, and self-sufficient.

You refuse to live a cookie-cutter life, always seeking out new experiences, places, and ways of thinking and being, testing the limits of what is possible.

Avoiding conformity at all costs, what you really seek is your true identity.

You are striving to fulfill your true potential and life purpose.

Ambitious by nature, but not conventional, you may aspire to climb a mountain or the ladder of success, or to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Your gifts

In leadership, the Seeker often excels being a pioneer or scout, seeking new approaches and ideas to improve how things are done.

Others may appreciate your adventurousness, integrity, and refusal to conform to social expectations.

The Seeker’s gifts are autonomy and ambition.

Your eyes are cast to the future, and you are quick to notice and adopt what is new or say yes to an intriguing new opportunity or experience.

Main challenges

The Seeker in its shadow form might express itself in different ways ; working many more hours than is physically, psychologically or spiritually healthy. It can be for some the inability to commit, or falling into perfectionism.

Your natural response to problems

The Seeker in you typically knows there is something off when feeling bored and/or trapped in a narrow or limited life.

This red flag encourages you to take off or embark on a journey to explore new possibilities.

You tend to do so through travels, fresh experiences and new opportunities that expand your horizons, all helping you to find or improve yourself.

At first you may simply wander about, then focus on a desired destination, and eventually find fulfillment through the process of exploration itself.

Your evolution & growth

Your natural impulse is upwards and outwards, you are always looking for ways to grow and expand.

Whatever your goals, you seek to improve yourself, every day becoming more You.

In fact, your task is to be true to a deeper or higher Truth, to find a way to life that has more significance and depth, to find out who you are beyond the social persona that you and your environment have jointly created.

You just have this deep knowing that there is something more to life and might navigate this quest through spiritual searching and transformation.

Your inner Seeker benefits from:

-Keeping in touch with those you truly value, even amidst your far and wide wanderings

-Noticing ordinary pleasures right here, right now; finding joy in the journey itself, not its end

-Testing out the potential for being true to yourself in community

-Balancing the virtues of the Seeker with those of the Lover (take the full Archetype profile assessment to learn more).

How to leverage the power of archetypes?

I like to think of archetypes as inner guides or allies that are here to help us in our journey. They are encoded in the collective unconscious and in the depths of our psyche.

The Seeker has a lesson to teach you and is shaping the way you interact with the world.

There are- in total-12 Jungian archetypes, all present in your energy field.

Some are active, and others are dormant, but the good news is that you can maximize those that are active and awaken those that are dormant to use their resources to improve your life.

When you integrate and bring all their aspects into awareness, you benefit from their gifts (instead of their unconscious curses), and you start to sit in the driver’s seat as their influence becomes conscious rather than operating in autopilot mode keeping you stuck in old patterns.

With this frame of mind, you can start to awaken the Magician to transform your reality, the Creator to realize visions in concrete forms, or the Queen to use resources and take responsibility for your life.

Your next step

If you are curious to find out about the other members of your Soul Committee, I am inviting you to take the full Archetype profile assessment and session.

This will allow you to find out which other archetypes are currently activated, and which ones are dormant or in their shadow aspect so you can start to understand your unconscious patterns and take control of your life from a crystal-clear perspective.

Click here to learn more.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Kahina xxx

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