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If you are looking for a new way to understand and shift the recurring patterns that you have been facing in your life, this session is going to bring you the clarity and insights to move forward with a renewed energy.

What is unique about this approach is that we are looking at your soul journey through the lens of universal archetypes AND your personal mythology.

This way, the repeating stories and patterns sabotaging your growth, as well as your innate strengths, start to make sense as they become conscious.

When we become aware of the unconscious stories that shape our lives, we retrieve our power to start taking a new direction that is more aligned with our highest vision.

During our time together, we cover down-to-earth themes related to our relationship with ourselves and others.

Specifically, common topics include recognizing and setting our boundaries, fear of rejection, judgment, abandonment, failure, guilt patterns, not feeling good enough, perfectionism, imposter syndrome etc.

We also look at your inner strengths to understand how they relate to the work you are here to do on earth. 



  • Archetype Assessment: The access to the only scientifically validated archetype assessment to discover the current state of your 12 archetypes or inner guides
  • Detailed report: A 12-page detailed report with your archetype profile, and a description of your Inner Allies (three highest scoring archetypes), your Inner Treasure Chest ( eight mid-range scores) as well as the Blind Spot (lowest score).
  • Private 1:1 session: A 75-minute private session with me where we review your archetype profile in depth to give you insights that will help you understand your path, unveil your gifts, and reveal your blind spots so you can move forward on your journey with clarity, authenticity, and power.

Your investment for this very special offer is only $188.


How does it work?


  • Click on the button below to purchase your session
  • You will be automatically redirected to my calendar page to schedule your 1:1 session
  • Check your inbox for an email from me in the next 24 hours with instructions to take the assessment
  • Take the Archetype Profile Assessment
  • Receive the results via email (and read the report on your own if you would like to ask me specific questions during our call)
  • Click on the Zoom link you will receive by email on the day and time of our session and get ready to dive in!

If you need help with the booking or have any question feel free to reach out!

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