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You are a MAGICIAN !

Also known as Alchemist, Visionary, Healer.

You embody a charismatic, transformative and healing presence that knows how to unite people behind a common vision and make that vision a reality.

You recognize that our sense of reality is shaped by what we are able to perceive, and you are ever seeking to expand your understanding of existence.

You sense things on a very intuitive level, and your inner voice often means more to you than facts (sometimes you may feel confused or overwhelmed about this).

You feel the interconnectedness of everything and tend to notice serendipity and synchronicity, which allows you to intuitively know if you are moving forward in the right direction.

You are in tune to the way that attitudes affect outcomes and are aligned with the multifaceted nature of reality.

Your knack for pattern recognition can decode events that may appear random to others.

Your gifts

As a Magician, your superpower is to bring out the best in yourself and others, and to transform undesirable circumstances into better realities.

You are known for being a catalyst for miracles.

You are a big picture person and see connections between different realms that most people are unable to see.

As a magician you enjoy and excel in positions where you can use your big picture skills and create transformation. This includes healing, coaching, conscious business leadership, marketing…

Main challenges

Like most visionaries, you can get easily annoyed by the details which can overwhelm you and lead you to procrastination or perfectionism.

As a result, you might be very hard on yourself when this happens.

Your natural response to problems

When problems arise, you respond first by changing your own attitudes, expanding your perspectives, and adjusting your behavior to create ripple effects that may shift the whole system.

You also work to reframe the situation in ways that help you or others see solutions that otherwise might be overlooked.

You trust that when your intent is clear and pure, things will work out.

Your evolution & growth

Your natural impulse is to be an agent for healing or transformation and your motivation is to influence positive change in yourself, others, groups, and institutions.

As a Magician, you believe that seemingly miraculous events can happen if human beings understand more about the art and science of how nature, the mind, and the spirit work.

Your inner Magician finds happiness through reframing situations in a way that opens possibilities and options.

You receive genuine pleasure in seeing hidden potential in others and bringing it out to be fulfilled.

Magicians benefits from:

-Taking a scientific approach to understanding how transformation happens.

-Accepting others as they are without the need to change them.

-Remaining humble, aware of any side effects of well- intentioned actions.

-Staying grounded through routine work and being in nature.

-Being part of a community that provides healthy feedback.

-Balancing the virtues of the Magician with those of the Sage (take the full Archetype profile assessment to learn more).

How to leverage the power of archetypes?

I like to think of archetypes as inner guides or allies that are here to help us in our journey. They are encoded in the collective unconscious and in the depths of our psyche.

The Magician has a lesson to teach you and is shaping the way you interact with the world.

There are- in total-12 Jungian archetypes, all present in your energy field.

Some are active, and others are dormant, but the good news is that you can maximize those that are active and awaken those that are dormant to use their resources to improve your life.

When you integrate and bring all their aspects into awareness, you benefit from their gifts (instead of their unconscious curses), and you start to sit in the driver’s seat as their influence becomes conscious rather than operating in autopilot mode keeping you stuck in old patterns.

With this frame of mind, you can start to awaken the Creator to realize visions in concrete forms, or the Queen to use resources and take responsibility for your life.

Your next step

If you are curious to find out about the other members of your Soul Committee, I am inviting you to take the full Archetype profile assessment and session.

This will allow you to find out which other archetypes are currently activated, and which ones are dormant or in their shadow aspect so you can start to understand your unconscious patterns and take control of your life from a crystal-clear perspective.

Click here to learn more.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Kahina xxx

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