Have you ever struggled with procrastination when it comes to start doing something for yourself like dedicating some time for your business?
I have been through this as well and it hit again recently as I could not sit and write a post on social media for 2 weeks…

As a good procrastinator, I did have some excuses as I was travelling, and then meeting up with dear friends visiting. But as I was observing myself making excuses as if I didn’t have 5 minutes to share my thoughts, I admitted that I needed a little help to get back on track.

A beautiful synchronicity happened during this Aha moment as a dear friend who is also a coach texted me. When I shared that with her, she urged me to receive a coaching session.

As I often say a good massage therapist can not massage his own back. That is why we need to have a support system in place and ask for help when needed!

I feel so grateful today as I feel supported in my journey. To all my coaching friends and healers out there, please do yourself a favour and ask for support when you need it!

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