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Everyone is concerned with the rapid spread of the coronavirus attacking the lungs of the most vulnerable human beings throughout the planet.

The lungs of Mother Earth are also being attacked by this virus called Humans, causing bushfires, floodings and the death of her most vulnerable population: wildlife, plants, and humans. But as with the coronavirus, there are some asymptomatic cases. So even though the warning has been clear for several decades, some witness the disasters with detachment or resignation because the symptoms have not reached their front door yet. It seems like a distant threat. 

What an interesting metaphor with what is happening to us and the planet…

Isn’t it ironic that a microscopic virus can create chaos in our daily life the same way Humans are threatening the planet on a different scale? 

Human species make up just 0.01% of all living things, and yet are responsible for the loss of 83% of wild animals and half of the plants.

And this happened quicker than the spread of the coronavirus if you think about how long our modern civilization has been around.

We are living a historical moment with all human activities being forced to stop, and people being reminded of their survival needs, their worst fears, having to let go of the superfluous and focusing on the essentials. 

The conversation about the damages of human activities on the planet has been ignored because of the illusion of disconnection and the addiction to comfort. Some may consider it as an external problem they don’t feel responsible for. 

Our interconnectedness at a micro and macro level couldn’t be more explicit today.

So what is this teaching us? 

Our first reaction as a collective has been to turn to our most basic needs for food, health safety, and to survive as a species we need food, water, health, and connection.

And yet paradoxically we are compromising our own survival destroying the biodiversity necessary to pollinate crops, clean water, and provide medicine. The water shortages, the loss of half of the planet’s plants and half the trees are just a few examples of the self-sabotage our human species is capable of.

The global food waste is one of the top sustainability problems worldwide according to the U.N. Globally, if food waste could be represented as its own country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter, behind China and the US.

And now it is as if the entire Universe was conspiring to show us what we have been ignoring for so long, hitting our survival needs. 

So even if we are not concerned about our future as a collective, we have to reconsider the way we have been living until now.  

-how can we continue to waste food knowing how vital and scarce it is to us?

-how can we keep on destroying the 50% remaining plants, knowing they are needed for the medicines we consume in gigantic proportions?

-how can we appreciate the comfort of our home with gratitude knowing that climate-fueled disasters displace 1 person every 2 seconds in the world?

-how can we reconsider our entire economic system knowing it is not sustainable not only for our planet but also for our survival?

-how can we reconnect with nature growing our own food and create sustainable alternatives for everyone?

For the first time in history, we have the opportunity to stop and consider the urgency of these serious global problems all together now. We are gifted with the incredible power of creation, and we can use this power for good. We can forgive ourselves for our mistakes. To err is human after all. But we can not consciously keep on making the same mistakes.

This coronavirus situation is temporary, it will pass eventually. 

So I guess the real question is:

Are we going to take this opportunity to redesign a sustainable world for everyone or are we going to go back to business as usual after this?

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