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For the purpose seeker

You have reached a point where you are ready to discover who you truly are and what you were born to do within this physical plane. You know deep down that you are a spiritual, purpose seeker, that you need to birth a true and raw expression of yourself and are willing to dive deep, commit to the work and uncover the depth, beauty and radiance of your soul’s calling.

This journey is for you if you resonate with any of the following…


  • You have an external reality of success yet feel strangely empty on the inside
  • You are yearning to connect with yourself on a deep soul level
  • You are ready to discover your soul work
  • You desire to embody increased confidence, empowerment and alignment in your life
  • You struggle to understand your unique and authentic expression
  • You feel alienated or different to those around you

The Transformation…

This journey will empower you to access your inner resources, to find alignment and embrace your strengths. We look at your life story through the lens of universal, archetypal maps to gain a higher perspective about your soul journey. We learn from your past and we delve into your present. We connect the dots, see the bigger picture and understand what it is you’re here to do and the path of your highest calling.

By shining light on your blockages, we befriend your shadow and learn from your darkness. We understand your imbalances, the wounded feminine and masculine within that simply want to be seen, heard and loved. This is a journey of depth and transformation. We bring all of you into the light so that the full spectrum of your power and gifts can be felt, witnessed and received.

What to expect…

  • A clear picture of where you are, where you have been and where you are headed
  • Archetypal assessment of strengths and blind spots (assessment and report included)
  • A gentle invitation to think bigger and move out of your comfort zone in positive ways
  • A loving sister who will be there for you when it gets hard, to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of
  • An empathetic, non-judgmental and nurturing space for you to process your thoughts and find your confidence

The included magic…

  • A free connection call to ensure our alignment
  • A special rate for the first session so you can experience the coaching before committing to the program.
  • Access to an Archetypal Assessment which includes a detailed, 12 page report on your strengths and shadow aspects
  • 1:1 Bi-weekly Transformative Coaching and strategic mentoring sessions
  • Deep Soul Inquiry Questions to explore in between sessions
  • Email access for support in between sessions

Packages: 3 or 6 month journey

Ultimately, this is for the souls who yearn to connect to who they really are and are ready to discover their divine purpose here on Earth.


We can only heal outwardly, what we heal internally. What we transform within ourselves, we transform within the world.

Seeking Sisterhood and Community?

loving words

“Take the time to go deep”


Kahina’s coaching is incredible. She listens at a deep level and truly connects with each person where they’re at. Whether you are wanting to reconnect to yourself, uncover obstacles that are keeping you from success, or recharge your life and your work, Kahina will take the time to go deep and identify the core issues that need to be addressed. Her ability to help you connect to your spiritual self and remember your values is profound. I highly recommend her coaching if you are needing an internal breakthrough in life. 

Brittany B. 
United States

“A powerful space to explore your inner thoughts and truly evolve”


Kahina has the natural ability as a Coach to provide a safe, encouraging and empathetic space. She has this absolute magical way of uplifting and reassuring her clients during a coaching engagement and always brings a fresh, positive perspective to every situation. If you are looking for a powerful space to explore your inner thoughts and truly evolve, Kahina is the Coach for you!




Kahina’s coaching was transformational. I really worked through some difficult emotions and as a business owner it is difficult to find the time to unwind. I had this breakthrough session with her where I recognised that I wanted to move back to London and pursue a career as an online therapist/coach. Kahina is a fantastic listener and business coach. She is present, warm and encouraging so much so with a month of her coaching I am making my way to the UK to explore opportunities and start a new chapter of my life. Thank you Kahina for your continued support.

Sharisse Hosein

“A deeper understanding of myself and my path”


I had several opportunities to be coached by Kahina and each one led me to a deeper understanding of myself and my path. She asked the deep and sometimes difficult questions without judgement, and created a safe space for me to be vulnerable with her and myself as I discovered my core values. I love how she embraces the spiritual side of herself and her clients, in whatever form that takes, and is able to work that seamlessly into the overall coaching process. I am so thankful for the work we did together and thoroughly recommend her as a coach!

Lindy C.
United States


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