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Just to be clear, this is not a section to showcase my clients, although I am honored to work with some of these amazing souls…
They are here because we share the same values and hope for Humanity and our planet.
They decided to pursue their calling and in doing so, they are making a positive impact in the world.
I value their work and their purpose and hope in showcasing them, it will inspire you to share your gifts with the world or support a heart-centered project.

Sophie Hardy

Sophie is an incredible intuitive healer. I had the chance to cross her path in Costa Rica and she has been an invaluable gift in my healing journey. She has an incredible way of holding a sacred space for you to overcome traumas and limiting beliefs. I did several transformative sessions with her and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has dozen of modalities in her toolbox and I went with an open heart and she knew intuitively what to do. Her ceremonies are absolutely magical. Sophie has a deep connection with the nature world and the indigenous wisdom. She hosts private and group retreats in Costa Rica. I feel so grateful for the light she spreads and the sacred space she holds for healing.

Learn more about her practice :

Wilfredo Mendoza

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

Wilfredo´s gifts are arts and healing through conscious eating. He is the most passionate and enthusiast Chef and Artist I know! Wilfredo specializes in healthy, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free creations. He loves sharing his passion and he does so offering cooking classes, private chef services for wellness retreats and private events.

When he is not cooking, he draws breathtaking art pieces. If you are interested about his work, visit his shop and wear a piece of art!

Lana Wedmore

Lana is the most enthusiastic and genuine conservationist I have met so far. She is also a Shamanic Reiki healer, author and speaker.

Her inspiring story led her to a goal which is to preserve, protect and educate people about the amazing rainforest and the Osa peninsula.

She was a pioneer coming to Costa Rica more than 38 years ago. Upon visiting the Osa Peninsula, she knew she wanted to live here and have her own Eco lodge to share this magnificent area with the world. Luna lodge is a real sustainable tourism project as it supports the local community and is self-sufficient with the energy produced by the first hydro operated lodge in the country and now also solar panels. They earned Five Leaf Rating for Sustainable Tourism by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (the highest possible rating in sustainability).

Learn more about Lana here:

Support her Foundation:

Visit her sustainable ecolodge:

Kelly Behrend

Kelly is an amazing healer and spiritual geek! She is absolutely passionate about everything that she does and it literally radiates in her teachings. I love her amazing ability to be highly connected to spirituality and strongly grounded to the 3D world. Her unique background of activist combined with her personal healing story is a special gift to the world. She is passionate about healing and energetic justice. “Personal healing for collective liberation” is her mantra! Kelly is a bridge for the ones willing to take on their healing journey as she teaches spirituality from every angle : metaphysic, scientific, historical… She offers different programs ; online course, 1:1 sessions, retreats. Learn more about her practice :

Kristine Ovsepian

Kristine is a full expression of universal love! Her loving energy is contagious and I will always remember how instantly we connected when we first met. She genuinely cares for others and for all living beings. Her personal journey led her to completely transform her life and inspire others to take on their healing journey. Kristine has a myriad of tools under her belt such as hypnotherapy, EFT, breathwork and much more but as an intuitive healer, she knows what her patients need when she connects with them. I also witnessed how beautifully she leads group retreats as she creates a safe space for participants to open up and heal. Learn more about her practice 

Chrissi Long

Chrissi’s enthusiasm is contagious when it comes to her passion of empowering other women to embrace their motherhood journey blissfully. She has the ability to turn the most fearful experience into a blissful one, not only she proved it with her personal experience having had five natural births, but I also witnessed it personally as she helped me overcome my fears around pregnancy and birth.

I love Chrissi’s approach focused on overcoming limiting beliefs through education and mind-body connection. You would be surprised to learn how distorted the mainstream information is about this topic.

I already hired her as my personal birth coach as she is the one who helped me overcome my fear to make this life changing decision! You can learn from her through her online course, podcast, or personal coaching.

Learn more about her work here :

Mitchell Dasteel

I had the chance to experience Mitchell’s gifts in person and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a caring hand to help you on your healing journey.
He is very connected and his presence and caring nature helps create a safe space to heal. The bodywork session helped me release a muscular tension causing me back pain.
I also recommend his powerful healing modality : a combination of breath work and EFT. This session allows you to go deep within yourself and receive exactly what you need  to further your healing journey. Learn more about his practice:

Casper Blackwell

With one foot in the traditional world of business and the other in the healing world, Casper knows well how to bring them together. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and he understands how to create websites for heart-centered souls.
Casper studied many things from Ayurveda and Bach Flower Remedies, to Yin Therapy and over fifty paths in between. He became a Registered Nutritionist, Certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner, Field Energy Practitioner, and Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner. He operated a private practice in Vancouver, BC and was co-owner of an international training and development company which fine-tuned his understanding of marketing.
If you are ready to get your message out to the world and need a website, I highly recommend you to get in touch with him !
Learn more about his work here :


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