“You will never be able to escape from your Heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say”. 

Paulo Coelho

I learned the hard way about my own path to happiness. Even though I’ve been reading self-help books since I was a teenager, I struggled with anxiety and depression for a long period of my life.  

After ticking all the boxes to fit in the society’s definition of success, I couldn’t live anymore with this internal conflict. I was feeling like I had to be a different person, wearing a mask to please people and fit in. At that time, I was connecting with my real self doing volunteer work for causes I cared about. This would alleviate my emptiness, but it was not enough. I was yearning for more meaning in my life, but I was feeling trapped in fear, and also in this comfortable life I had created.

I was on my way to a volunteer trip in Peru when a life-changing insight struck me in the face and changed the direction of my life. The plane had started its descent to Cuzco on a windy winter day and I thought it was going to be my last day on earth. I will never forget the man sitting behind me crying and repeating “Dios mio, Dios mio!”. I remember his wife desperately trying to calm him down. 

I was silently watching the mountains and breathing deeply as my heart was beating wildly. The turbulences were crazy, and the mountains looked so close to us. I was thinking about my loved ones, and my overall life, getting ready for the worst case scenario. I realized the way I had spend my life so far was meaningless. The single thing I was most proud of was the volunteer work I had done, but it represented a small portion of how I was spending my time.

We landed safely, but there was no going back for me. I couldn’t keep on lying to myself. Once I realized the importance of purpose I decided to turn my life upside down. I didn’t know where it would take me but I took a leap of faith and left my comfort zone to pursue that calling without any expectations. I just wanted to be of service and trust that following my heart would take me to the right place. So I started to travel on my own, volunteering with social entrepreneurs and indigenuous communities in Latin America. 

While traveling the world, I was simultaneously on an inward journey, and began to attract opportunities and people who would be critical in my healing path.

It was so powerful that it allowed me to align my personal and professional path around my core values.

I enhanced my learning about holistic therapies becoming a Reiki practitioner and a certified life coach. 

So now my mission is to inspire heart-centered people to grow and pursue their calling, so we can all contribute to the positive change we want to see in the world. Will you join the movement?

Sending you much Love and inspiration!



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