Sounds nice right? Easier said than done for most people though.
We are often encouraged to make compromises in life and to be honest, it seems impossible to avoid it altogether.
However, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing it out of habit. Especially if your life led you to compromise a lot for others.

I recognize it is not a concern that can be solved in a few words, but I am inviting you to ask yourself a few things as you reflect on the areas of your life where you feel you had to make compromises:

❓ Have you ever compromised things that matter the most for you?
❓ Do you yearn for something that seems like the complete opposite of your current life?
❓ Are you assuming that your choice would hurt people around you?

Sometimes, we repress our deepest desires so much that we end up assuming the worst consequences and projecting our fears on those around us.

We feel responsible for their happiness but we don’t take responsibility for ours.

In the end, this well-intentioned but mistaken thought can end up creating more pain for everyone.
For example, if one of your deepest desires is to have some time each year to travel by yourself but you think you can’t because your spouse and kids wouldn’t understand. You made your decision but what you resist persists… Years later you lose sleep over the idea of leaving everything behind to travel on your own for a year-long trip. And now you are more confused and don’t know if you can trust yourself or if you have gone mad.

There is no easy answer to this but there are 2 words that keep on popping to mind as I write these lines.
Courage to go within to look for the truth about what matters the most to you. What would be the cost to compromise this desire?
Courage to communicate your true needs to those around you and trust that they can handle the truth.

Understand that if you do your part to be happy, you are going to spread positive energy around you.
If you don’t you might end up feeling resentful towards the ones you think are responsible for this situation.
The truth is that we always have a choice and a voice.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that ❤️🙏


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