Life Alchemy

The highest source of fulfillment in life comes from reconnecting with who you truly are and being congruent expressing your true self with the world.

When you do your life’s work, there is no separation between who you truly are and your business. The challenging side of this beautiful path is that you put your whole self out there and you feel vulnerable. Your oldest demons might pop up to give yourself the opportunity to address them and heal. You might experience self-doubt, unworthiness, or imposter syndrome.

On the other hand, there is something bigger, a higher driving force in your heart that keeps you going. It is important to develop grit and feel supported when you are in this process.

The worst thing that can happen to you is not what you fear. The real thing to worry about is giving up on your dreams because of fear.

How does it work?

First, we will do a free consultation on Zoom to talk about your goals and give us the opportunity to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to help you move forward.

During our sessions, we will explore what is keeping you from living the life you want. I will invite you to take an active role in your evolution as a person and find your purpose in life or pursue your true calling.

I believe you have the power within to make any change you desire in your life, and I will help you retrieve the inner resources present in yourself to get there and sustain your journey.

Together we will uncover the obstacles and transform them, gain a deeper understanding about yourself and your path, create a new way of living more in alignment and congruent with your desires, values and dreams.


What to expect

– I will hold an empathetic, non-judgmental and nurturing space for you to process your thoughts and find your confidence again

– I will be there for you when it gets hard

–  I will help you hold yourself accountable to keep on track

– I will remind you of who you are and what you are capable of

– I will challenge you and invite you to think bigger

– I will gently push you out of your comfort zone in positive ways to help you lift higher

-I will share tools along the way to help you further your journey beyond our sessions

    Stories of Transformation

    “Take the time to go deep”

    Kahina’s coaching is incredible. She listens at a deep level and truly connects with each person where they’re at. Whether you are wanting to reconnect to yourself, uncover obstacles that are keeping you from success, or recharge your life and your work, Kahina will take the time to go deep and identify the core issues that need to be addressed. Her ability to help you connect to your spiritual self and remember your values is profound. I highly recommend her coaching if you are needing an internal breakthrough in life. 

    Brittany B. United States


     “I connected to more abundance and opened my wings to spread my medicine all over the world”

    I highly recommend to all the heart centered leaders to work with Kahina. She is such a blessing in my professional and personal life as my business consultant and coach! Without her, I would still send some smog to invite people to know my work. She had a way to make me understand and accept marketing can be authentic and healthy. Thanks to her, I connected to more abundance and opened my wings to spread my medicine all over the world. Thank you sister

    Sophie H. Costa Rica


    “My personal and professional life have both been really positively impacted”

    My coaching sessions with Kahina totally exceeded my expectations.
    She has a very natural and seamless way about her to find out exactly what areas of your life need more attention and focus.  By her asking me loving & insightful questions we were able to establish a new way of behaving & living for me that is more in alignment with my desires, hopes and dreams.
    Kahina uses incredibly powerful tools and techniques to figure out what your true priorities are, whilst minimizing the distractions of every day life, (which frankly can take up so much of your time, but leave you feeling unproductive and unsatisfied).

    Kahina’s coaching style is incredibly supportive and nurturing and leaves you feeling empowered as she helps you find the answers you have been seeking quickly & efficiently.  Her recaps and follow up notes are invaluable also as they are fantastic reminders and prompters with regards to what you both agreed to achieve in the session, over the following weeks and months.

    My personal and professional life have both been really positively impacted from the coaching sessions with Kahina, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their life’s outcomes, as you will start seeing subtle yet powerful changes very quickly, whilst feeling fully supported and nurtured throughout.

    Chrissi L. England & Costa Rica

    “Helped me make huge steps forward in my personal and professional life”

    I was lucky to receive coaching from Kahina over the last 6 months and she is phenomenal. She has a refreshing and calming presence that allowed me to open up immediately. She holds a safe space in a non-judgemental environment that really helped me get out of my own way and make some big discoveries. Her spiritual nature is infectious and that combined with her consulting background really helped me make huge steps forward in my personal and professional life. I am truly grateful and highly recommend her!

    Kaili B – Canada

    “A deeper understanding of myself and my path”

    I had several opportunities to be coached by Kahina and each one led me to a deeper understanding of myself and my path. She asked the deep and sometimes difficult questions without judgement, and created a safe space for me to be vulnerable with her and myself as I discovered my core values. I love how she embraces the spiritual side of herself and her clients, in whatever form that takes, and is able to work that seamlessly into the overall coaching process. I am so thankful for the work we did together and thoroughly recommend her as a coach!

    Lindy C. – United States


    Kahina’s coaching was transformational. I really worked through some difficult emotions and as a business owner it is difficult to find the time to unwind. I had this breakthrough session with her where I recognised that I wanted to move back to London and pursue a career as an online therapist/coach. Kahina is a fantastic listener and business coach. She is present, warm and encouraging so much so with a month of her coaching I am making my way to the UK to explore opportunities and start a new chapter of my life. Thank you Kahina for your continued support.

    Sharisse A. England

    “A powerful space to explore your inner thoughts and truly evolve”

    Kahina has the natural ability as a Coach to provide a safe, encouraging and empathetic space. She has this absolute magical way of uplifting and reassuring her clients during a coaching engagement and always brings a fresh, positive perspective to every situation. If you are looking for a powerful space to explore your inner thoughts and truly evolve, Kahina is the Coach for you!

    Sonia – Kenya

    “Help you arrive at the answer from within”

    Kahina’s sincerity and nurturing energy emanates whether you are blessed to be in her physical presence or via web. She has an uncanny ability to hear what’s not being said and help you arrive at the answer from within.

    Sarah – US & Costa Rica

    “A boost of confidence and peace”

    Every coaching session with Kahina is a boost of confidence and peace. Her careful ear combined with her positive look at life are contagious. She brings lightness and distance on situations that enables me to find my way forward on my journey.

    Christophe – Belgium


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