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Have you been feeling stuck in freeze mode since this whole thing started? Some of my fellow coaches and healers told me they are tired of the noise out there. They feel like the online space is saturated and they end up confused. 

“What more can I say, Kahina? I don’t want to add more noise with my message”.

They just want to hide in a cave with their shamanic drum and connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

I personally also felt the need to retreat and go within, and I did. 

I also went to the mountain with my drum …

I allowed myself to sit with the overwhelm of what was happening. And it’s OK.

We are all humans, and we healers and coaches are used to work through our emotions, right? 

Our sensitivity is precisely what nourishes our empathy.

It’s OK if you don’t have it all together. You don’t need to. Our struggles often become our medicine and this is no different now.

The SHIFT that is happening at the moment is a BIG one. 

Even though we knew that the world would be pushed back into a corner of the universe at some point, living it is a different story.

Life is a cyclical journey, and we are all experiencing a massive transition right now. We are all on the same boat.

If like most people in my tribe you are an empath, you might feel the entire weight of the world on your shoulders some days. That’s OK, don’t judge yourself for taking a compassionate break if your heart says so. But when you feel better, please remember and honor what you came here to do.


Your unique perspective as you work through this can help others and you shouldn’t hold back your wisdom. Your message could be the ray of sunshine in someone’s heart today.

If it comes from the heart with no hidden agenda, it will bring peace, not noise. 

Have you been feeling this too? If so, what is the burning message that wants to come out of you? 


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