Is there something you just KNOW you were meant to do? You can feel the tug in your heart and soul, yet at the same time, you hear this voice saying, “What makes you think you can help others when you can’t even help yourself?”

In my work of coaching spiritual healers and coaches, I hear a lot of my clients feeling as if they know what their purpose is, but they don’t feel “expert” enough to make a living doing it.

Everyone at every step in their life is a work in progress. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Our life and our spiritual path are being shaped every day by everything we do. It’s in these everyday learning moments that we gain a different perspective and learn new ways to overcome our challenges.

We never arrive at a finish line in life. Our spiritual growth happens up until our very last breath. That is part of the human experience. You will never be perfectly healed. But, that imperfection and the acceptance of it is what makes you uniquely equipped to guide others on their journey.

The truth is we have all been hurt and traumatized in life. But, by going through these trials by fire and coming out on the other side, not unscathed, but wiser, we can help others walking through the same situations. 

No one, not even the most powerful healers, has all the answers. No one is ever a complete masterpiece. Each one of us is a masterpiece in our imperfections; always learning, always unsure of that next step. But, you can have an enormous impact on the lives of others who need a helping hand as they go through challenges.

Our deepest wounds become our medicine to others. Those wounds and the sensitivity to the plight of others is what builds our deep empathy. This empathy is what is needed to effectively help those that need us the most. 

You are here for a reason

There is a deeper dimension to your mission that you are too close to see.

Discover the hidden gem in your message to impact more lives with your gift.

You are needed now, more than ever.

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