Business Alchemy

If you are like most people in my tribe, you have great ideas, you love helping others, you know you have the power to change people’s lives, but you don’t see it as something extraordinary because it is a second nature. You just do what you love, and you are happy doing this behind the scenes rather than being in the spotlight.Your favorite thing is to create big visionary ideas, but you spin your wheels when it comes to bringing your vision into real life…

You might be juggling with high energy days and not so good days when you are forced to look at the business side of your practice like the income roller-coaster or the new idea you want to give birth to but don’t know how.

How do I know this? Because I have been there too. I understand how it feels to be in that stuck place. I had a hard time deciding to launch a business aligned with my soul purpose, and when I did, it triggered a lot of things. I had consciously decided to show up as my authentic self but some part of my subconscious brain was not on board with that and it was sabotaging my efforts. It took me a lot of courage and a few coaching and energy healing sessions to remove my self-imposed limitations as the fear of rejection, or feeling of not being enough just to name a few.

I was great at lying to myself pretending I was not ready… that I needed to take one more training. I was happy with coaching clients coming from referrals and not having to publicly go out there. But then one day I had a profound realization…

What if it was a responsibility to reach more people to make a bigger impact given the state of the world right now?
What if you were a channel for something bigger than yourself?
What if this work was not about you but had to happen through you?

You dream about a new evolved, conscious, connected humanity, and you have the potential to create a positive ripple effect in the world with your work. We need all the dormant alchemists to awaken and do what they came here on Earth to do. You have been prepared your entire life for this.

My hybrid experience of coach, healer and marketing strategist had come together for a reason. I now feel the responsibility to help my fellow social entrepreneurs, coaches and healers share their gifts because I believe the only way out of this chaotic world is more of us doing this healing work on a bigger scale.

Perhaps you have realized that already. Maybe you tried a few things out but the cookie-cutter strategies repel you and the last thing you want is to sound like everybody else. Feeling confused, not knowing from where to start, you end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

There is a way to communicate your essence in an authentic way. This is what I do, and to be honest with you, there is some inner work involved. If you are on board with that, I can guarantee that you will come up on the other side completely transformed.

I would be honored to guide you on this journey. I only work with a selected number of purpose-driven people for this intensive program because I am there hands-on with you so the spaces are limited.

If your heart says it is the right time for you to do this, this is the plan I have for you:

The Soul Based Leaders

5-Step process

1. Inner world = Outer world

If your inner world is in chaos, it might be challenging to manifest your vision in the 3D world. But if your inner world is centered and at peace, it will naturally reflect on your business.

Do you know what happens when you are about to do something outside of your comfort zone? It triggers an alarm in your subconscious brain. You might feel some resistance, be triggered by uncomfortable emotions, procrastinate, meet your inner critic and pesky saboteur. All of this is normal.

I am here to hold your vision and I will be on your side to guide you along the way, help you with the ups and downs, and hold space for you during our coaching sessions to address the blockages or limitations that often come up when you are about to do the work you came here to do.


2. Foundations are key

(& often overlooked) 

Before diving in, it is important to spend some time envisioning your project, the people you most want to serve, the unique pieces of your life story and how it fits into your bigger vision. It is challenging to do this by your own because you are too close to see certain things like the hidden gems in your story. We want to make sure you are crystal clear and aligned to build on a solid foundation for your business and communications. We will also create an overall business strategy because we all need financial stability to be of service and sustain our mission. 

3. Cut through the noise with your message 

I don’t believe in magic recipes and cookie-cutter or manipulative strategies. To craft an authentic message, we will tap into the uniqueness of your story and help people with what they really need.

You will learn to connect with the people you want to serve from a place of integrity.

4. Set up the business basics

Now that we know where you are coming from and where you are going, it is time to spread your wings and fly!

You will need a few things in place to run your activity in today’s digital world (website, social media, emailing system, etc.).

We will dive into this to either revamp or set it up from scratch if you don’t have any of these yet.

5. Communication & Consistency


I will help you create a consistent rhythm of communication and action to make a bigger impact in the world. You will walk away with tools and best practices to use the different channels available to share your message on a bigger scale.

What is included


-Overall business / project evaluation

-Customized strategy and step by step guidance to bring your vision into reality

-Live coaching sessions online. You will also receive the recordings after our sessions

-Unlimited email access for questions between our sessions

-Worksheets and tools to help you beyond our time together

What to expect


-A powerful transition from wounded healer to empowered entrepreneur

-An empowering relationship : I am not here to fix you but to help you reconnect with your hidden powers

-Loving transparency : I will share anything that can support your growth and I will gently challenge you 

-Clarity, Accountability, Support

Guarantee : If you are not completely transformed by the end of our time together, I will work another month with you for free!

Stories of Transformation

“I connected to more abundance and opened my wings to spread my medicine all over the world”

I highly recommend to all the heart centered leaders to work with Kahina. She is such a blessing in my professional and personal life as my business consultant and coach! Without her, I would still send some smog to invite people to know my work. She had a way to make me understand and accept marketing can be authentic and healthy. Thanks to her, I connected to more abundance and opened my wings to spread my medicine all over the world. Thank you sister

Sophie H. Costa Rica

“My personal and professional life have both been really positively impacted”

My coaching sessions with Kahina totally exceeded my expectations.
She has a very natural and seamless way about her to find out exactly what areas of your life need more attention and focus.  By her asking me loving & insightful questions we were able to establish a new way of behaving & living for me that is more in alignment with my desires, hopes and dreams.
Kahina uses incredibly powerful tools and techniques to figure out what your true priorities are, whilst minimizing the distractions of every day life, (which frankly can take up so much of your time, but leave you feeling unproductive and unsatisfied).

Kahina’s coaching style is incredibly supportive and nurturing and leaves you feeling empowered as she helps you find the answers you have been seeking quickly & efficiently.  Her recaps and follow up notes are invaluable also as they are fantastic reminders and prompters with regards to what you both agreed to achieve in the session, over the following weeks and months.

My personal and professional life have both been really positively impacted from the coaching sessions with Kahina, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their life’s outcomes, as you will start seeing subtle yet powerful changes very quickly, whilst feeling fully supported and nurtured throughout.

Chrissi L. England & Costa Rica

“A human approach to marketing”

Kahina is one of those rare people that does everything authentically and from the heart. I have had the pleasure of working with her for a few months now, and every conversation we have, her positive energy and heart-centered approach just radiates from her and creates a safe and supportive environment. Her work is exceptional and I feel honored to be working with her on various marketing projects. If you are looking for someone who has a human approach to marketing and puts her heart and soul into everything she does, I highly recommend her and her services.

Allison S. USA


You are here for a reason

There is a deeper dimension to your mission that you are too close to see.

Discover the hidden gem in your message to impact more lives with your gift.

You are needed now, more than ever.

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